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New Things Lab is an award winning design studio in Delft (NL) founded by Nyckle Sijtsma. Are you obsessed with creating products? Check out our vacancies below.

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about the lab

Sarika Kumar

Product Design Internship

I recently completed an internship at New Things Lab where I had the opportunity to learn under Nyckle's innovative and supportive environment. For those who love to create and tinker, this is your playground! What stood out most was the freedom I was given to design and build a part on my own - something you wouldn't get at a large design firm or company.

Nyckle's approach to prototyping is fast and encourages quick learning and immediate application which allows you to quickly bring your ideas to life. If you're eager to start on designing consumer products and have the ability to both design and build, I highly recommend New Things Lab. You’ll not only grow as a professional but also have a ton of fun in the process!

Sylvia Ko

Product Design Internship

During my internship at New Things Lab B.V., I have had the opportunity to explore every step of a design process. Nyckle has given me guidance throughout the challenges, but has always enabled me to look for my own solutions.

He has truly acted as a mentor, instead of a teacher. Since New Things Lab is a startup, I got the opportunity to experience more responsibility over different design stages. This is something that I would not have experienced elsewhere.

What I enjoyed most during those five months is that each day was different from the other. Even though I have been mainly involved in the MEMO project, my day activities would range from photography to 3D printing, and from durability tests to programming. Since I greatly appreciated this versatility, I highly recommend an internship at New Things Lab.

Sejal Budholiya

Strategic Design Internship

I had the wonderful opportunity to experience "strategic design" in practice through New Things Lab!

Crafting the story, bringing together the brand elements and designing snippets that truly make the brand stand out.

It was a wonderful learning experience, as Nyckle was involved at every stage, patiently answering my questions about starting New Things Lab and providing constructive feedback. As an experienced professional, he helped me to better my visual skills and truly made me understand what it takes to be an entrepreneur!

If you're a student passionate about bringing ideas to life, I encourage you to get in touch with New Things Lab.

the story

Every design studio has a story, here is ours!

Hey Nyckle, why did you start New Things Lab?

I love design and needed an avenue to bring my love for design to the marketplace. I called it New Things Lab because, after graduating, I felt I needed to go back to the essence of what I love to do: designing things that are not there yet and making them come true in the form of a product. Giving shape, putting new ideas into the world - physically where Dutch design meets function.

Interesting, what do you like to design?

I hope to design products that give a touch of happiness to people’s routines, even if it’s a small impact, I absolutely love that people are finding (daily) value in things that come out of New Things Lab. New Things Lab is a design studio where authenticity meets functionality.

I love that, what can I expect from the products?

We make products like Time Smiles, MEMO Whiteboard Wallet, LITTA Solar Bikelights, Bike Mount for AirTag. Each of these products make your everyday interactions memorable and convenient.