Bike Mount for AirTag - New Edition

The Third Generation of our Bike Mount for Apple AirTag.

  • Stronger, with a new UV-resistant ABS material.
  • Easy to mount: the AirTag clicks effortlessly in the Bike Mount.
  • Trusted and proven discreet look - mounted under the seat.

The AirTag-mount is suitable for all types of bikes with a seat post between Ø25 and 32 mm.
We have not seen a bike yet where the Bike Mount could not fit on.

Also suitable for VanMoof-bikes.

Sale price$29.00

Grootte: Single unit
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made for the outdoors

The mount is made out of durable ABS material which is UV stable and highly impact resistant. And it’s discrete. Can you spot it?

Made for Airtag

The AirTag is inserted from the back and it clicks into the mount. Use the included Allen key to fasten it to the seatpost of your bicycle.

Fits all bikes

supports all common seatposts

The mount supports all common seatposts ranging from 25mm to 32mm. Also works on VanMoof.

≥ 25mm

Most urban bikes have a 27.2mm seatpost, with some older models going as low as 26mm. 


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