Time Smiles | Smiling Clock

Time is ever more stressful: clocks should evolve.
What if we could read the clock and smile back at it?
A lighthearted relationship with time.
That is what Time Smiles stands for.

Time Smiles is a standing table clock that indicates the time with two dots: the eyes. The big eye indicates the hours, while the small eye indicates the minutes. The mouth is decorative and is opposing the small eye.

Every hour, the clock smiles at you in a unique way - at different positions!
The clock is suitable for your workspace, living room, or as a decorative object on your bookshelf.

Made in the Netherlands
Minimalist Dutch Design
Works on 1 Duracell AA- battery (included)

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Home is where the time smiles

Decorate your house with the small clock that smiles.

The clock for office heroes

Impress your colleagues with a happy timepiece on your desk.

Bedtime already?

Add a smile to your nightstand! Happy dreams guaranteed.

Telling the time

Practice makes perfect! Learn to tell the time through these examples.
The smaller eye indicates the minutes, the larger eye indicates the hours.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

Every time I check the clock, I can't help but smile.


Simple & cute. It always manages to cheer me up!


Great idea! A delight to the Fusiform Face Area (FFA)!

Wim G.

It takes some getting used to reading Time Smiles at a glance. A great idea you have given birth to here. Soon a new version with radio graphic controlled time?
More clocks by an art lover created in: it's about time, at museum Voorlinden, wassenaar by Maarten Baas.