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5 Reasons Working Parents Choose MEMO

Discover how MEMO enhances the lives of busy working parents.

1. Seamless Transition Between Work and Home

Switch from professional tasks to family planning without missing a beat, thanks to MEMO's versatility.

2. Organize cards & thoughts

Organize thoughts and cards in one place, keeping you prepared and organized.


"I love having a notepad with me at all times. It is wonderful for catching those random great ideas or the tasks for the day while not having to carry a bulky pad with me."

Richard F.

3. Boosted Productivity

Enhance your productivity at work with quick note-taking, leaving more time for family at home.

4. Simplified Scheduling

Keep track of meetings, school events, and family appointments all in one place.

5. Stress Reduction

Reduce mental clutter by organizing your thoughts and responsibilities clearly on MEMO.

6. Travel Efficiency

Plan and track travel itineraries for work trips and family vacations alike, ensuring smooth transitions between commitments.


"Just carry it with me all the time. I write down shopping lists, to do lists, reminders, thoughts that go through my head, new words/stuff to look up later."

Charlotte F.

MEMO Whiteboard Wallet

  • ✔ Functions as a wallet holding up to 6 cards
  • ✔ Holds your ideas and lists in a 6 inch whiteboard
  • ✔ Sets you free of distractions every now and then

MEMO is the distraction-free notebook & wallet combination that is always with you to capture ideas, lists and to do's.

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