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5 Reasons MEMO is a Traveler's Best Companion

How MEMO can be your perfect companion on your next adventure.

1. Trip Highlights

Record memorable moments or tips from locals instantly, keeping your travel memories fresh.

2. Organize cards & thoughts

Organize thoughts and cards in one place, keeping you prepared and organized.


"I love having a notepad with me at all times. It is wonderful for catching those random great ideas or the tasks for the day while not having to carry a bulky pad with me."

Richard F.

3. Portable and Handy

MEMO fits right in your travel bag or pocket, perfect for on-the-go note-taking anywhere in the world.

4. Language Helper

Jot down key phrases and words in new languages, helping you communicate better while abroad.

5. Daily Itineraries

Plan your daily excursions on MEMO’s whiteboard, easily adjusting as your adventure unfolds.

6. Capture Recommendations

Quickly note down restaurant recommendations or must-see spots as you explore.

7. Always Accessible

Never worry about dead batteries; MEMO keeps your notes accessible anytime, anywhere.

8. True Disconnect

Using MEMO lets you truly disconnect, focusing more on the journey and less on your screen.


"Just carry it with me all the time. I write down shopping lists, to do lists, reminders, thoughts that go through my head, new words/stuff to look up later."

Charlotte F.

MEMO Whiteboard Wallet

  • ✔ Functions as a wallet holding up to 6 cards
  • ✔ Holds your ideas and lists in a 6 inch whiteboard
  • ✔ Sets you free of distractions every now and then

MEMO is the distraction-free notebook & wallet combination that is always with you to capture ideas, lists and to do's.

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